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Utubed video script
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License Commercial
Price 100
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Operating System Array
Developer shanX

   Utubed searches for video content on YouTube.com and lists them and allows them to be played within your own video site. You can earn money by placing relevant ads on the site. This site package has the ability to update itself automatically with thousands of fresh video content and comes search engine optimized, which makes these sites favorable by search engines. Also this script features a high quality control panel, which provides options to customize almost all the features of the site to make it unique among video sites on the web. And we will also provide free installation, support and future updates for the script.

One-time fee for the script, installation, support and updates
Auto-Generated content of thousands of pages-videos in seconds
Videos are Hosted externally and streamed from YouTube.com
Search Engine Optimized webpages and webpage URLs
Fully loaded Administrator Control Panel with password protection
Zero-maintenance, doesnt require any kind of maintenance tasks
Support for Multiple language content with UTF-8 Unicode-encoding
Displays thousands of Recent searches and Recently watched videos
Ability to show video related to a Specific niche
Ability to show a list of videos on homepage as Featured videos
Ability to limit content to a specific niche using a YouTube category
Displays Related videos for currently played videos
Ability to Filter/Block words from a provided list (Family-filter)
Allows to Add and Remove videos by YouTube video page URL
Easy Ad integration, supports Adsense or anyother Ad network
Displays alternative ads, when primary ads are not available
Change Color palette of ads from within the control panel
Theme changing support, 8 themes built-in and more future updates
Features RSS feed for recently watched videos
One-click YouTube Video downloading button
Generates codes to Embed or link to videos on your site
Social Bookmarking support. Eg: Digg, StumbleUpon, del.icio.us
Data cache speeds up webpage output and prevents server load
Auto-updating three different types of Sitemaps
Link management system, with submit, moderate and listing pages
and many more.....

Server Requirements
PHP-4 or PHP-5
3GB Monthly Bandwidth
30MB Disk Space
Htaccess Support (mod_rewrite)

PHP supported Apache server enviornment is required to host this script. Both PHP versions 4 and 5 are supported. On server-side, it is coded in PHP to run efficiently by reducing serverload and doesnt require databases. On the client-end HTML, CSS and Javascript are used optimally to maintain efficiency and interactivity. Script has to be installed and used only on a single domain, which should be provided by the purchaser upon purchase. Discounts would be provided for purchases of multiple units of the script. This script has to be installed on the root directory of the domain. We would provide free installation and support. Please read our FAQ page and Terms of service page for more information.



Terms & Conditions
No Resale rights for the script is provided upon purchase of the script.
Script purchaser cant sell the actual script a copy of the script or a modified version of the script to another person without the consent of original developer of Utubed Video Search Script. If you are planning to sell your copy of the script (and the domain), please notify us.

No money-refund upon purchase
No Money-back gurantee could be provided for the amount paid for scripts on any kind of circumstances. Because of the difficulties we are facing with the payment methods we are using and because of the nature of the script.

Script is limited to a single domain
Utubed Video Script should not be placed on anyother domain except the one specified upon the purchase. Script purchaser has no right to place a single copy of the script on several domains or sub-domains or having domain aliases(except www). A single unit of the script could be placed only on a single domain. We wouldnt provide another copy of the script upon domain name change or such a scenario.

Utubed Video Search is Not responsible for YouTube API changes
YouTube API is a product owned by Youtube.com. They could make any changes their products or policies. If their product or policy changes affect the operation Utubed Video Script, we will try our best to sort out the issue. But if its not possible to sort out the issue, we are not responsible any losses you may encounter.

Utubed Video Search is Not affiliated with YouTube or Google
We are not affiliated (with or) to YouTube or anyother service from Google or anyother online service. So we are not responsible for any loss you may run-into by associating with them. if Google or YouTube prefers not to provide or not to allow other sites to display their video content, we are not responsible.

Utubed Video Search is Not responsible for Server issues encountered
This script coded in a way that is optimized to use server resources effectively. We are running several copies of this script on our servers and we havent encountered any server issue. If you configure the script improperly you may encounter server issues. So we are not responsible for any issue you(script purchaser) may encounter on your server y misconfiguring, so use the script on your own own risk.

Utubed Video Search is Not responsible for any Payment issues
We are using well-reputed and secure 3rd party Payment methods for transactions, if any issue was encountered upon payment, we are not responsible.

Edit Utubed Video Search script at your own risk
Editing the script is allowed. But we wouldnt provide the script again on any such scenarios, so you are allowed to keep backup, if youre editing the script.

Purchaser Agreement
Purchaser abides to Terms of Service of Utubed Video Search script
Purchaser of Utubed Video Search script abides to Terms & Conditions and accepts our Disclaimer listed above, upon purchase. If purchaser violates this agreemente, we deserve the right to terminate the script and not to support and provide updates for the script there-after.

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